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Professional Supervision

  • I offer professional supervision to therapists interested in deepening their practice through the use of an integrative approach based on the neurobiology of trauma, the understanding of attachment, knowledge of the transformational process, and the practice of experiential dynamic therapies.  My work is primarily based in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), but I also use Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), EMDR, Modern Psychoanalysis, and CBT.  Working with individuals with complex trauma requires the therapist to engage in relational work while maintaining an understanding of the healing process.  If you would like to explore this opportunity for supervision with me, please call me at   585-410-2691 to discuss options.

          45 minutes - $160/session

          1 hour of supervision - $210/session.

Group Training Opportunities

  • I offer group training to those interested in deepening their practice through didactic teaching and experiential exercises.  This group will be relational in nature.  We will discuss readings, watch video presentations of work with patients, share case studies, and explore new perspectives and techniques to provide you with additional resources and understanding in the treatment of trauma.  Group forming now.

            1 1/2 hour group - $75/group session 

Business Consultation

  • Using my history of running and managing both small and large businesses, as well as my experience as a Clinical Social Worker in private practice,  I'll teach you how to create a business model which meets your financial needs (and beyond) while working smart and establishing your brand.  Call 585-410-2691 for more information.               45 minute consultation - $160                                                             1 hour consultation - $210/session  

"AEDP is an integrative model of psychotherapy that brings together relational work, experiential techniques, and a focus on the process of change and healing itself, with the aim of not only alleviating negative suffering but also bringing about positive flourishing." - Diana Fosha

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